Our Team



– Nacho Lopez, General Manager at MEATS –

With a friendly charm and people-loving personality, MEATS’ Restaurant Manager Nacho Lopez ensures every diner feels at home. Starting his career in London, Nacho’s passion for all things hospitality grew after the successful opening the new dining concept Bilbao Berria. After working with popular Argentinian restaurant Gaucho, he was moved to Hong Kong to lead and train the new restaurant team. In Hong Kong, he enjoys soaking up the hustle and bustle of the city and delving into the city’s lively food scene. When he’s not busy running the floor at MEATS, he spends his time working on his other passion, cooking. A true connoisseur and gastronome, Nacho is textbook for all things food and wine.

– Jack Byrne, Bar Manager at MEATS –

Running Meats’ drinks program is Jack Byrne. A familiar face in Hong Kong’s bar scene, Jack got his first taste for bar work in Melbourne working for The Hyatt. Arriving in Hong Kong at a young age, he rose through the ranks as the city’s food and drinks industry flourished, having previously opened bars at award-winning venues Rummin’ Tings and Second Draft.

Jack can always be found behind the bar discussing drinks with guests, whether it be about a new recipe he is creating or about the history behind a spirit; his passion for learning and introducing people to new things is unmistakable. Jack’s drinks have been known to straddle between easy-going and experimental, incorporating simple techniques with distinctive ingredients and flavours. His concoctions are sourced and inspired by Hong Kong’s unique and nuanced food and drink cultures.


– Our Founders –

MEATS is the fifth restaurant opened by restaurateurs Manuel Palacio and Christian Talpo of Pirata Group, the creative brains behind Hong Kong’s Pirata, The Optimist, TokyoLima and Pici.

With over 40 years’ combined experience in the industry across the world’s top gastronomic cities and an insatiable love for food in all forms, the pair is driven by their passion to bring amazing food and dining experiences to Hong Kong. With considered, standalone concepts ranging from homely Italian to Spanish-style asador grill and Izakaya-inspired Nikkei to fresh hand-made pasta, each restaurant is brought to life by Christian and Manuel’s unique vision and infectious energy. For them, Pirata Group’s mission is simple: to deliver top quality food, great service and value for money to Hong Kong diners.