14 June, 2022

Introducing The New Meats Feast

A brand new tasting menu for carnivores!

Protein lovers, rejoice! Pirata Group’s Soho smokehouse, Meats, introduces a new Meats Feast tasting menu.

Now with even more meats, this set menu is a delightful spread with beloved Meats signatures, hearty carnivorous classics, and surprising new delicacies. Perfect for diners who prefer to simply feast without the fuss, this is a “leave your taste buds in the hands of our chef” experience offered exclusively as a tasting menu.

Culinary Director Arturo Melendez, a longtime Pirata Group stalwart who oversees the popular nikkei izakaya, TokyoLima, now brings his signature flair and showmanship to the Meats Feast.

The tasting menu kicks off with a trio of small plates featuring crispy and succulent Fish Tacos served with slaw, a slightly spicy chipotle aioli, and tangy green salsa; juicy Ultimate Fried Chicken U.F.C with mint & coriander sauce; and Duck Salad – shredded strands duck meat perched on watermelon cubes, dressed in homemade hoisin sauce and sprinkled with crunchy cashew nuts.

Palates sufficiently awakened, guests are then introduced to an indulgent Sausage Platter featuring grilled special Chorizo and Blood Sausage from Argentina, served with crusty bread.

Fish Tacos
Sausage Platter

And to satisfy every carnivorous craving, a generous Meats Platter hits the table with three delightful cuts including buttery Ribeye, tender Flank, and the feather cut pork, Pluma Iberico.

These meats are grilled to a perfect medium using volcanic stone, bringing out more flavour from
the fat, leaving it smoky, juicy, pink in the middle and crispy on the outside.

For guests who enjoy flavour wallops on their meats, Chef Arturo serves up three condiments: Truffle Salt, a fragrant and nuanced flavour that enhances grilled meats; Bacon Salt to amp up the scrumptious taste of fat; and Herb Salt, to add a layer of piquant flavour on top of umami.

On the side, guests will delight in crispy Fries and a Green salad. And last but not least, this epic tasting menu ends with a sweet, rich and fudgy Brownie.

“Meats is a great and beloved brand with still a lot of potential. Our objective with upgrading the tasting menu was to showcase its personality even more and hint at even greater possibilities lurking in the full a la carte selection. I think guests will delight in discovering a super interesting menu highlighting beautiful cuts of meats cooked and served with style,’ Chef Arturo shares. ‘Stay tuned for more, as we bring a greater variety and higher quality items to the table that are not only jaw dropping and delicious, but also super Instagram-worthy.’

Culinary Director Arturo Melendez
The MEATS Team

Meat Feast Tasting Menu HKD498 per person
Available Daily | 18:00 – 00:00

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