Tender, juicy and satisfying. At MEATS, we do it right. Stripping back the fuss, MEATS is a limited reservation meat bar where you can roll up your sleeves and dig into a tender, juicy and satisfying feast with friends. We know how meat should be treated from start to finish, from expert preparation to precise carving.

Located on SOHO’s Staunton Street, we offer a straight-forward menu of sharing-style dishes that include a series of regularly rotated plates such as rustic porchetta, fall-off-the-bone lamb shoulder, home-made sausage and rotisserie chicken.

Traditional and unconventional cuts are prepared to bring out the best in flavour, using mastered techniques such as house-smoking and rotisserie. Dishes are served simply with raw sea salt or marinated with exciting ingredients ranging from jalapeños to Szechuan peppercorns and coffee. Drinks include an affordable selection of bourbons, draft beers, hand-crafted cocktails and wines by the glass/carafe.

Brought to you by Pirata Group, the team stay true to their promise of giving Hong Kong quality product and exceptional service at honest prices.


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